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What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is the act of hosting a web site in a shared environment. By providing the necessary support and technologies, a website’s file system, platform, and resources are all stored by the web host. We also offer domain purchase that allow a web site to have its unique name. Overall, a web host allows you to display the content of your web site onto the world wide web. 

Do you need any information from me?

Absolutely. Without your input, we cannot achieve the desired results. To work more effectively, we must interconnect and have a basic concept of the products or services you offer and the way you operate your business.  

How long does it take to see results?

Our team is very effective, however, an outcome depends on communication. Getting us the desired info for your website is paramount. The sooner we receive the information, the sooner we can deliver. 

Do you have additional fees?

The fee for the selected plan is what you’ll pay. There are no additional fees or hidden fees. The amounts shown per plan is what you’ll pay.

How about renewal fees?

Renewal fees only apply to the website plans only. Again, there are no additional fees or hidden fees. 

How are payments managed?

We require that a 70% deposit is made upon agreement and the final payment of 30% is required before delivery of the project. Banking details will be provided when making payments.

What is Web Hosting vs Domain Registration?

A domain is like owning a piece of property, many would classify it as a way to distinguish ownership and identity across the web. Simply put, a domain is a unique name that one can assign to a website. A domain maybe purchased outside of the web hosting company or provider and the two can work independently of each other. Owning a powerful and coveted domain is the equivalent of having a solid asset or investment. It often appreciates with time while serving as the namesake of your online brand or business. It is essentially the essence of your brand and how you make your mark across the web.

While web hosting is designed to ensure your data is secure, readily accessible, & online all of the time; the domain is a separate entity. Domain ownership may be purchased on its own, sometimes just to have ownership of the domain name. 

Why is a Website Important?

The Internet provides the potential for you to market to many millions of people by setting up your profession website, your on-line store, and more. 

Having a website is important for any business for many different reasons.  From building credibility with customers to capturing leads and web visitors, your website should be an accurate representation of your company.  And even more than just that, it should be a powerful money making machine that brings you leads and new customers.

Do you offer additional revisions before delivery?

Yes we do. However, we are confident that the amount of reviews per plan would suffice to complete the project. Hence the reason for clear and concise communication. Additional revisions, however, have a fee of $50.00. 


ALL plans include Free Hosting, SSL Certificate, Responsive Design, Mobile Ready, Social Media Ready, and Website Weekly Back-Up. Where else can you get this service?

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