Who would know that amidst a global pandemic, brilliant minds would break the barriers of a crisis and come together for a unique purpose? Cristian and Harith have been good friends for over a couple of years now; both sharing project ideas of their experiences in Digital Marketing and Graphic Design. Both have the vision of always helping and giving back to businesses and the community. And now, amidst a crisis that has kept everyone under lockdown and has slowed down economic activity, they found a way to make it happen: Executive Marketing or EM, one of the many businesses launched by the duo.

EM is an agency that was formed to bridge the gap between businesses, its products and services, and the consumers. A great initiative that is welcome by many SME’s. The packages offered are unique compared to any marketing agency and the prices very affordable. It is a new venture to help in this time of crisis and plan for the long term. We are in a new era, the digital era! Even though Belize, as compared to other countries, has not completely adapted to the marketing culture, it will very soon revolutionize and you’ll see ads everywhere; the web, vehicles, fence walls, and who knows, maybe even on house walls. This is where the appreciation for marketing comes into play, and a good marketing strategy will certainly help your company and product land on high ground.

The sister agency, ecomm.bz offers much-needed services for start-ups for a one time fee. To know more about their offers, visit the website ecomm.bz. Prepare to be amazed!

Would you like to know more? Email EM at info@executiviemarketing.co or visit the website here.